About Us

TVR.com is one of the world's fastest growing vacation rental directories. TVR.comís mission is to provide the best selection of vacation rentals and to connect travelers with property owners in the most efficient way possible.

TVR.com's system allows potential renters to select from an extensive collection of properties, based on location, size, price, and by a variety of features and property types. Prospective renters can research, compare and select cabins, villas, mansions, condos and other great vacation properties from around the world.

TVR.com is not a broker; it is simply an indispensable set of management tools combined with an economical conduit between travelers seeking the space, value and amenities of vacation rentals with homeowners looking to rent out their vacation properties.

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TVR.com is located at:
401 E Las Olas Blvd, Suite 130-561
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301, USA

For Customer Support issues, please use the online contact form.

For inquiries on specific rentals, travelers need to contact directly the individual owners/managers either by phone or by email. The contact information is displayed on the individual property listing.

Media Inquiries

Contact: John Romano, Director of PR
NOTE: Customer service inquiries should not be addressed at this number.


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